Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Peres' Presidential Conference - Part One

I attended the first major session this evening of the Presidential Conference: Facing Tomorrow.

A lot of people.  Here are some on a break:

Shakira was quite intelligent in her presentation and noted the Abrahamic Culture here and announced "we are all Israel":-

Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks from England:

Dr. Ruth Westheimer:

Industrialist Yitzhak Tshuva, Malcolm Hoenlein (back to camera) of the Presidents' Conference and Western Wall Shmuel Rabinowitz:

Photo credit: YMedad

Amos Oz just finished a silly speech ignoring the reality of Islam and the "Palestinian nationalist movement" and warped the historical record.

Anyway, the worst disappointment was Israeli MC Yigal Ravid with Sarah Silverman.  He was completely out-of-depth with her.  She mentioned her need to pee, berated her brother-in-law Yossi Abramovitz, spoke of things coming out of her *ss and asked him if he was on 'delay' as he kept asking her questions which she had already just answered.  Silverman also promoted gay marriage and presumes scatalogical talk in public is cool. She tried to be smart and he preferred her comic character.  She did promote solar power as solving the Arab-Israel conflict, not knowing that's already being done, as Gil Troy notes and as being going on for decades.

End of Day One.


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