Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Glenn Beck Wants Your Pictures

Found here:

There are many ways that we are encouraging people to show their support for Israel and Glenn’s “Restoring Courage” event. While we hope to have many of you joining us in Israel on August 24th, there are many ways for you to show your support and help us spread the word! What’s the latest way? We want you to show us your support for Israel by sending in your pictures so we can show them to people across the country! How?

First, we want you to “like” the “Restoring Courage” Facebook page (Click here)...
Second, we want you to send in a picture that shows you showing your support for Israel...
Third, send your photos to Israel@glennbeck.com. We’ll be putting the best ones up at the “Restoring Courage” Facebook page – and may even put some up at GlennBeck.com.


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