Wednesday, June 22, 2011

President's Conference - Part Two

What would we be and where would we be without radical liberal ideology?

Author Amos Oz spoke last night at the Conference and - are you ready? - criticized the peace process with the Palestinians.

As reported (sorry, I really didn't want to wait for his flagellations as I have read them for decades):

Oz said he believes the "ongoing occupation" of the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the construction in settlements is in general immoral, as well as bad for Israel's interests...[he] received intermittent applause as well as a good deal of booing, added that the "expulsion of Palestinians" from their homes in Jerusalem and their "replacement" with settlers is also bad for Israel. "I am saying this as a man who loves the state," he added.

...the good news, he said, is that the vast majority of both peoples know they must eventually cede some of their ancestral homeland. "Will they dance in the streets when the solution is implemented? No," Oz said. The author added that the solution must be based on the 1967 lines. He also gave his version of peace: One day there will be a Palestinian embassy in Israel and vice versa, he said, and they will be walking distance from one another: One in east Jerusalem and one in its west.

Besides everything else wrong there, Oz seems not to know, or refuses to accept, that the majoirty of the Arabs do not accept partition, territorial compromise or even land-swaps.

So, he either lies, is an Arab propagandist or is really not that intelligent.

I am shortly off to the Conference hall, where at 11 AM there will an air raid drill. This should be fun to watch.

Then it's Jeremy "J Street" Ben-Ami and 3 others vs. Dany Dayan at 11:30.

Part One.

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