Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Silly Errors and I Bet He Considers Himself an Expert

One Daniel Byman has a new book out which I spotted at Barnes and Noble.  A High Price, on Israel's war against terrorism.

I reached page 15 and found two silly errors of fact.

One, it is implied that the Irgun in the 1930s, acting against Arab terror during their "Revolt", was led by Menachem Begin.

He only became commander in December 1943.

Second, the Irgun fighters who overcame the gurads at the north gate entrance of the King David Hotel and brought in seven milk cans filled with explosives were not disguised as Sudanese waiters.  They weren't black nor very tall.  They were 'Arab workers'.

And people expect to learn history from him?


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Greg said...

Dear Yisrael,

I am not defending the nonsense that Daniel Byman writes. (I have read some of his articles but not this particular book).
However, here is what Yehuda Lapidot wrote in his "Besieged": "The commander of the operation, Yisrael Levi (Gidon) rode in the van, dressed as a Sudanese waiter, while the other members of the unit were dressed as Arabs."
Was Lapidot wrong?

Best regards,
Gregory Rodban