Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dig? We Must? We Must!

In this book,

Excavating the City of David: Where Jerusalem’s History Began by Ronny Reich, Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society and Biblical Archaeology Society, 2011, 368 pp.

you can read of Reich’s personal history with the site which is that

...Reich first encountered the site in 1969 as an accidental tourist who accompanied Amihai Mazar on an outing to the Gihon Spring. Reich next encountered the site in 1995 as an accidental excavator who the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) sent to dig there. The task fell to Reich because no one at the Hebrew University’s Institute of Archaeology agreed to do it. The task lasted longer than Reich expected and proved to be professionally, intellectually, physically and emotionally challenging. The toll these challenges took is expressed in occasional outbursts against named individuals, and in Reich’s lament, “Shiloh enjoyed the support, and especially the favor of the entire archaeological establishment and all his colleagues. In contrast, I did not always have the feeling this was so in the IAA.”

And you do know why the establishment didn't appreciate digging there.


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