Friday, June 24, 2011

Dog? It's the Women!

The whole world was in an uproar about a supposed stoning of a dog by a Jewish Rabbinical Court decision.

It didn't happen; no dog was killed.

But what about a beheading story that did happen?

This one:

Migrant worker Ruyati binti Sapubi, 54, was executed after she was convicted of murdering her Saudi employer, Khairiya bint Hamid Mijlid, with a meat cleaver.

The maid carried out the killing after she was denied permission to leave the kingdom and return to her family in Indonesia, according to officials in Jakarta.

"The Indonesian government has decided to impose a moratorium on sending workers to Saudi Arabia," labour minister Muhaimin Iskandar was quoted by state news agency Antara as saying.

The only similarity is that a court was involved in both instances.


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