Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yisrael Rozen vs. Yoav Shurok

[All sources in Hebrew. Sorry.]

Yoav Shorek, editor of the Shabbat supplement of Makot Rishon, is under attack by Rabbi Yisrael Rozen:

He's accusing him of being a disguised Conservative undermining authentic Torah thought.

Shorek has removed his kippa, invited a Reform female Rabbi to comment without identifying her title and suggesting other ideas that are in opposition to mainstream Orthodoxy. He hinted that the owner of the paper should reconsider Shorek's authority:

ואגב, תמיהני האם 'בעל המאה ובעל הדעה', ובעל-הבית של העיתון, נוחה דעתו ושלמה השקפתו עם מהלך אנטי-הלכתי אקטיבי-מתמשך זה?

It's gone to the blogs.


And here's the reaction from the "Editorial Board" and another defense.

This is going to be a major flame war.


And it continues.

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