Friday, June 17, 2011

Nakba Knockout - Upper Left Hook

...In recent debates about the Palestinian "Nakba," the claim has been made that there are two "narratives," an Israeli one and a Palestinian one, and we should pay attention to both of them. That, of course, is true: Alongside the Israeli-Zionist claims regarding the Jewish people's connection to its historic homeland and the Jews' miserable situation, there are Palestinian claims that regard the Jews as a religious group only and Zionism as an imperialist movement.

But above and beyond these claims is the simple fact - and it is a fact, not a "narrative" - that in 1947, the Zionist movement accepted the United Nations partition plan, whereas the Arab side rejected it and went to war against it. A decision to go to war has consequences, just as it did in 1939 or 1941.

The importance of this distinction becomes clear upon perusing the op-ed that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas recently published in The New York Times. Abbas mentioned the partition decision in his article, but said not one single word about the facts - who accepted it and who rejected it. He merely wrote that "Shortly thereafter, Zionist forces expelled Palestinian Arabs."

That is like those Germans who talk about the horrors of the expulsion of 12 million ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe after 1945, but fail to mention the Nazi attack on Poland, or the Japanese who talk about Hiroshima, but fail to mention their attack on Pearl Harbor. That is not a "narrative," it is simply not telling the truth. Effects cannot be divorced from causes.

Professor Shlomo Avineri

Nakba knockout.

Avineri, a lecturer of mine, is a firm leftist, but of the old Mapai version.


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Juniper in the Desert said...

Let us look at who is the imperialist! On a map of the world, where there was a Buddhist Afganistan, a Hindu India, no special "Pakistan", a Christian Byzantium and Byzantine Eastern Europe, now Ottoman Turkey, Zoroastrian Persia, Jewish Judea and the other 11 tribal Jewish areas, as well as areas of mixed peoples, who traded and lived peacefully together - Nabataeans, Assyrians, Greeks - in what is now Arabia. The whole of North Africa and half way down, was home to Christians, Jews and idol-worshippers.
But not any more: they have all been overrun by the most imperialist, colonising, supremacist, ugly, murderous cult in history, izlam!!