Friday, June 17, 2011

Think About This

Over the past few months we have witnessed Arab leaders killing, maiming, jailing and torturing their own peoples. Arabs vs. Arabs. Except for Syria (Allawis vs. Sunnis) and Bahrain (Sunnis vs. Shiites), it is also Muslim vs. Muslim - except fro Muslims vs. Copts. in Egypt.

In Egypt.

In Libya.

In Yemen.

In Bahrain.

In Syria.

It is with these leaders that the "world", the US plus the EU, the civilized world, wants Israel to make "peace". To surrender territory. To yield on security. To take a risk for peace. To make painful decisions.

Do they think us stupid? Insane?

With these people they wanted us to make peace?

And the Hamas - Fatah rivalry is better?

They were killing each other in Gaza just a few years ago and still can't get together.

Think about that - is that a peaceful resolution of our conflict?

If Israel would have "made peace" with these leaders, would there still be peace? Peace with Israel - or without Israel?


And over Shabbat, I read Caroline Glick's piece who also notes the intolerable acts being committed by Arab regime leaders against their own people and then leads to this:

As to the Palestinian Authority, this week’s Fatah-Hamas coalition negotiations in Cairo revealed the depth and breadth of Hamas’s control over the unity government now being formed. Despite massive American pressure, Hamas successfully vetoed Fatah’s bid to retain Salam Fayyad as prime minister in the unity government.

Moreover, in the face of significant international pressure, Hamas maintains its refusal to accept the so-called Quartet conditions of recognizing Israel, ending terrorism and agreeing to respect all previous agreements signed between the Palestinians and Israel.

Given Hamas’s maintenance of its annihilationist goals toward Israel and Fatah’s inability to convince Hamas to accept its minimal demands, it is obvious that Hamas is the stronger force in the Palestinian unity government. It is also clear that this government will not under any circumstances agree to make peace with Israel.

AND YET, in the face of these realities, US President Barack Obama is intensifying his pressure on Israel to agree to the now-powerless Fatah’s preconditions for negotiating. Indeed, he has adopted Fatah’s preconditions as his own.

Obama is demanding that Israel agree to surrender its right to defensible borders by insisting that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu accept the pre-1967 boundaries – that is the 1949 armistice lines – as the starting point for future negotiations. Since Obama surely recognizes that a Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority will not accept Israeli control over anything from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to the Jordan Valley, he knows that he is requiring that Israel surrender its right to defensible borders before it even begins negotiating.



Anonymous said...

Nobody buys the Arabs as animals Jews as angels line any more. Not after Gaza.

the new narrative goes like this. Israel is running an apartheid system and the settlers are bigots. Jabotinsky was a moron. Begin too. why did he spend the last years of his life in seclusion? Because he was wrong.

aparatchik said...

Only nobodies buy your moronic secondhand rhetoric, Mr secluded Anon.

YMedad said...

Anon.:- wait, who was it thagt called people animals? Was it the Muslims who call Jews pigs, monkey and apes? And dogs?

here and also here. If you really are Muslim, you should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but ... The problem is not the number of people who are being killed.... the problem is WHO is being killed.