Friday, September 26, 2008


Treif is the Hebrew word for very non-kosher.

Like in describing this meal:-

a group of Jews had dinner with the Iranian President Thursday in New York.

...Ahmadinejad said. "Zionism is a political party that has nothing to do with Jewish people."

The Iranian leader gave a lengthy discourse on the need for religion in both private and public life, and the decline of morality in countries where politicians reject religion.

..."A lot of it was very challenging," said Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb who was also a speaker. She said that while Ahmadinejad had not denied the Holocaust in his speech (whew!), he had minimized it in the way he spoke about World War Two.

"Our world views are rather different. But unless we ...dialogue face to face, how will we create any kind of understanding?" Gottlieb told Reuters, adding that she chose to attend because "peace is better than war."


But it wasn't only Jews eating treif:

Arli Klassen, executive director of the Mennonite Central Committee...asked [Ahmadinejad] to avoid rhetoric that "is heard as a threat to destroy the state of Israel," to allow religious freedom in Iran and to be transparent about Iran's nuclear program.

Rabbi Lynn

is an old acquaintance of Iran's president having traveled to see him in April and she still wants to meet and talk with him despite all that has happened since then.

(Here, in Iran,

she actually has her head covered but I don't think she normally is that Jewishly modest - but maybe that's part of her Judaic renewal?)

I was wondering, if foreign workers badly treated by America's largets meatprocessors is being attack as not kosher, i.e., treif, by persons who are concerned about their human rights being violated, can that dinner above have been very not-kosher?

Or perhaps Rabbi Lynn doesn't keep kosher?

P.S. Is her poem kosher?

...O Iran
Revelation bursts forth from your soil
draped in ten thousand shades
of illumination.
You returned my people to Jerusalem
restored the Temple
provided my relatives with a Persian home for thirty centuries
and I did not know.
Now I jump over fires on Norouz
go to the garden of roses
the first Sabbath after Passover
recite poetry
at Hafez's tomb
touch my forehead to the clay earth of Jamkaran
where the Mahdi is hidden
but everywhere present.


And if by now, you don't think something is out of the ordinary, go here where Rabbi Lynn is active.

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