Friday, September 26, 2008

Most Ridiculous Moments of Paul McCartney's Gig

The Lord Paul came to Israel this week and performed last night.

Consider this:-

On stage he addressed fans in English but with a smattering of Hebrew, the Associated Press reported, wishing fans happy new year ahead of the Jewish holiday next week.

During Give Peace a Chance, he stopped and let fans sing the chorus, while fireworks lit the sky during Live and Let Die, AP said.

That was for the Israelis.

And the Pals.?

Since arriving in the region the singer has visited the town Bethlehem in the West Bank.

Sir Paul said he had hoped to visit a music school in the West Bank town of Ramallah but was forced to change his plans over security concerns.

A Lost Beatle in the Middle East.

Paul on security:-

The star was in a more reflective mood, however, when he compared the barrier Israel is building in and around the West Bank to the Berlin war.

"I went through the Berlin Wall in the years when it was still standing and it was so symbolic," he said after passing through the barrier to get between Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

"It's sad to think people can be physically divided like that. It's not good for anyone."

Paul, that wall in Berlin was erected to keep Germans and other oppressed peoples in.

Our barrier is to keep the barbarians out - but we still have this problem with Qassams and mortars and Grads.

Can you help stop those?

P.S. The AP reports:

A radical Muslim preacher in Lebanon also called on McCartney to cancel the show.

Actually, he threatened to kill him.

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