Sunday, September 28, 2008

Israel Running out of Territories for Peace

Some people think that it's lucky for Israel that Ehud Olmert has resigned (but not yet been replaced) as Prime Minister of Israel. Olmert seems to be running an End-of-Season Sale.

For according to this news report, it would appear that Israel is running out of land to fulfill the policy of "territories for peace".

Olmert said to offer Palestinians Jordan Valley land swap

Outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has offered the Palestinians sovereignty over the Jordan Valley, in exchange for Israel retaining three main settlement blocs in the West Bank, Army Radio reported on Sunday.

Since the Arabs continue to claim that all of Israel is "colonized Palestine", that Tel Aviv is a "settlement" and that Jewish rule in Jerusalem where King David established his kingdom some 1600 before Muhammed announced desert visions and where Abraham (Ibrahim in the Quran) offered his bound son Isaac as a sacrifice some 3500 years earlier, is outright theft and a sacrilegious act, Olmert's offer will probably be rebuffed.

As a last try, we understand that Olmert will be offering the PA envelopes in addition as well as some of his wife's paintings. The latter, we fear, might cause more terror attacks.

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