Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hoenlein Getting Rapped for Anti-Palin Decision

Seems the J Street Mob "victory" has set off angry reactions.

This came into my box:

September 18, 2008

Malcolm Hoenlein, President

Dear Malcolm,

For what you appear to have done in the name of the Conference of Presidents, I regret that I, among many others, are going to be writing a lot of articles about the Conference and the weaknesses you have shown.

If you want to avoid irrevocable harm to the image of the Conference as a unified spokes-organization, representing ALL the Jewish organizations, you might consider reversing your actions - if they were your actions.

Very sincerely,


Emanuel A. Winston


Enclosures: Steve Klein, Rick Moran, Bill Levinson, Ted Belman

This is the kind injustice leftist Jews pulled during the Holocaust. Read David S. Wyman's "The Abandonment of the Jews;" how the American Jewish Committee, the Jewish Establishment, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Nahum Goldmann, etc., fought the Bergson-ites every inch of the way; in the Bergson-ites efforts to save the Jews of Europe. It was all about petty politics, jealousy and power. Shame on these left-leaning Jews.

From: Steve Klein
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2008 6:15 PM
Subject: [JewishViews] Palin 'Dis-invited' From anti-Iran Rally

...I think this is the wrong decision on several levels. The fact is, this event is going to be "political" even without politicians there so it is a sham to dis-invite anybody for that reason.

Secondly, this is being done to accommodate the Democrats who don't want to be seen taking a strong stand against Iran. All it does is highlight Obama's "no conditions" pledge - something the campaign has tried to bury (and with the help of the press, they have been largely successful). Obama can't very well go crawling to Ahmadinejad if he or one of his surrogates attends a rally where the emphasis will be on stopping Iran (most will add "by any means necessary").

But then, it's all about Hillary, isn't it? If she had put aside her pride at not being the star of the show and gone to share the stage with Palin, none of this would have been necessary, would it?

Even without the politicians, I hope they have a successful rally with a large attendance. (I'm not sure I agree with Rick. I probably would not attend this worthless rally. --- S.K.}

"Jewish" Democrats Seek to Sabotage Anti-Iran Rally to Help Obama
by Bill Levinson

We thought it was impossible for the National "Jewish" Democratic Council to sink any lower in terms of depravity and pure opportunism. Its effort to disrupt the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations’ Rally to Stop Iran to embarrass Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin hardly surprises us, though. In addition, the National "Jewish" Democratic Council misrepresents Hillary Clinton’s reasons for not attending the rally with Palin.

We sent an E-mail to the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations and we called the organization as well, to make sure it knows the real nature of the organization with which it is dealing.

...The NJDC has never let honor, decency, or the truth get in its way before, so its demand here is hardly surprising. In fact, the very wording of its own blog entry shows that its real problem is with Sarah Palin’s presence: "we applaud Senator Hillary Clinton’s decision to not attend the rally after the attendance of Palin was announced." In other words, NJDC would not have had a problem with Hillary Clinton’s attendance because she is a prominent Democrat. It has a problem with Sarah Palin’s presence because she is a Republican. Then, after demonstrating its own partisanship, NJDC has the chutzpah to proclaim, "Unfortunately, the campaign of Senator John McCain is much more interested in scoring political points than insuring there is bipartisan solidarity around the anti-Ahmadinejad efforts."
We remind our readers that the National "Jewish" Democratic Council is without honor. Some time ago, Ira Forman allowed himself to make the following noises at NJDC’s blog:

It is time all of us—organizations and individuals—take the responsibility for outing and yes, even shaming, the purveyors of "sinat chinam" in our community—to protect our values and to protect our community’s genuine political interests.
We immediately stepped forward and identified ourselves as a leader of the efforts to expose Barack Obama for "cavorting with anti-Semites" (Forman’s own words) and challenged NJDC to a point/counterpoint debate. Like a blowhard who proclaims he can lick any man in the bar, and then slinks out the back door when one actually stands up, NJDC made itself scarce when we invited it to put up or stand down. As stated by James Fenimore Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans,

Your tongue is loud in the village, but in battle it is still. None of my young men strike the tomahawk deeper into the war-post–none of them so lightly on the Yengeese. The enemy know the shape of your back, but they have never seen the color of your eyes. Three times have they called on you to come, and as often did you forget to answer.
In any event, we are still waiting for the NJDC to "out and shame us" for educating our readers about Obama’s open association with anti-Semites and racists of the worst kind.

It is past time for NJDC to take its blatantly partisan opportunism and get off the Internet. For the record, we have sent the following E-mail to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and we signed our name and provided our phone number.

Please ignore the National "Jewish" Democratic Council’s request to dis-invite Palin to your rally.

The National "Jewish" Democratic Council demands that you revoke your invitation to Sarah Palin for your Rally Against Iran. This organization has a long track record of misusing its nominally Jewish identity to mislead Jewish voters, and to damage Jewish-Christian relations...

Ted Belman

But as for this one, I have a better idea:-

I have been at every major rally in support of Jewish Issues during the past three years. I have also been at many of the tiny ones where there were 40 of us holding signs in the rain. This Monday I will NOT be going to the United Nations to join the rally against Iranian aggression. I urge you to stay home also. By showing up at the rally we would be teaching the Democratic party and the Obama Campaign that the supporters of Israel can be bullied around.

...Folks, Senator Obama's foreign Policy team is LOADED with people who want to do the same thing to Israel that Obama did to the parade organizers...Don't forget How VP Selection Joe Biden threatened to cut of aid to Israel or his other congressional buddies David Bonior and of course Mssrs. Lugar and Hagel.

...I would submit to you that the Pressure put on the Jewish Community to take Governor Palin off the Speaker's list is just a precurser of what Senator Obama will do to Israel if (God Forbid) he is elected president. Folks if you care at all for Israel, please do not give credence to this kind of behavior from either political party. PLEASE STAY HOME ON MONDAY !! Don't reward this disgusting behavior by the Obama campaign with your presence.

My better idea?

Go, but stand off on the side, across or down the street.

Israel vs. Iran is important but show your disdain for the politics that have been injected and your wrath of the J Street Mob.


Hasbara With Attitude said...

I wrote a snotgram to Mr. Hoenlein.. and he responded!

He asserts that he opposed the decision to disinvite Governor Palin, he arranged for her to be there, and it was the cosponsors that flipped out. He also said that the truth will come out after the rally.

YMedad said...

Knowing Malcolm for four decades, I believe him. But he better come clean before the rally, if he wants it to be a success.

Anonymous said...

To have the truth "come out" after the rally does nothing to deal with the hard feelings many of us have over the sloppy disinvitation.
Sounds like they are just devising a "truth" they can shop to the media that will please Obama and his ilk.

If you need days to manufacture a truth....sorry

Anonymous said...

I know quite a few Christians who will not go after this insult. They believe that their support is not wanted. These J street thugs knew this and desire this.