Monday, September 29, 2008

Left's Lies Leave Left Looney & Limp

First, there was the Avishai Raviv GSS agent provocateur case as a sideline to the Rabin "incitement" in 1995. I discovered that the infamous cemetery swearing-in ceremony was staged and Raviv's identity began to unravel.

Now, we just had this oddly composed flyer in the Sternhell bombing which indicates not all is as it would seem, or how the Left/Media would want it to seem.

And after that, coincidentally (?), we had a Beduin shot.

And we all know who killed him, right? Yes, the Right.
The fanatic, extreme, radical, messianic, settler Right.


Police: Bedouin killed by unexploded ordnance

The Bedouin shepherd whose body was found Sunday near the community of Gitit in the Jordan Rift Valley was apparently killed by the explosion of a 40 mm grenade, a police autopsy has found.

The authorities published their findings Monday in a forensics report stating that the youth expired after losing massive quantities of blood, due to a wounded artery in his neck. Police postulated that the shepherd found the unexploded grenade – of the type fired by an M-203 launcher – and picked it up, which caused it to detonate. Palestinians had initially claimed that the 17-year old youth, Yehie Ata Bani Minia, had been shot by settlers...Bedouin witnesses residing in the area were interrogated, as police attempted to find out where the boy may have been shot. Later the remains of the grenade were found at the scene of the youth's death.

MK Uri Ariel (National Union-NRP) responded to the police findings and said, "For two days leftists, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Minister Haim Ramon and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have been concocting connections between the pipe bomb at Prof. Sternhell's home, the Rabin assassination, and the death of the Bedouin near Gitit – and blaming the settlers for violence and unlawful acts.

"Media correspondents and editors were quick to verbally attack 300,000 people in their usual manner, prior to a police investigation. "The Israeli Left is acting irresponsibly, time after time. It identifies totally with the enemy's claims, and when it discovers an opportunity to harm its political rivals it does so without a second thought."
(Kippah tip: BT)

Oh my, what will the Left and Media do next?

P.S. Did those Beduin really think that we wouldn't discover they were lying? What do they take us for?

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