Sunday, September 21, 2008

Heard the Latest Pal. Joke?

The latest Pal.(*) joke: -

PA chief of staff: We must be ready to retake Hamas-ruled Gaza by force

The punch line:

RAMALLAH - The Palestinian Authority must be ready to use force against Hamas in Gaza "to reunify the homeland," said the head of PA forces in the West Bank, Gen. Dhiab al-Ali (Abu al-Fatah), considered the Palestinian chief of staff.

"If Gaza remains mutinous, the Palestinian Authority will have no choice but to use force against it," Ali said in a recent interview with Haaretz at his Ramallah offices.

Ali said the PA has not ruled out using force if the territory remains in Hamas' hands.

First, the Americans assure us the Pals. can take care of Jenin.

Second, we're to forget that they already lost to Hamas in Gaza.

Somehow, this isn't very funny.


(*) My abbreviation for "Palestinian" which I don't use due to my ideological position that there really isn't a separate national community called "Palestinians".

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