Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Member of the League of Trembling Israelites

So, this was the reason for not inviting Sarah Palin to the anti-A rally?

Rabbi Steve Gutow, executive director of the liberal-leaning JCPA,

told the Forward that the decision was motivated not by politics but by tax considerations. The organizations feared that having an unbalanced panel of politicians could put their not-for-profit 501(c)(3) status in jeopardy, especially in the final 60 days of the presidential campaign, Gutow explained.

“The tax issue was the most important factor,” he said. “We had lawyers telling us this would violate the tax code. There is no question we would never put our tax status at risk.”

In other words, he and others feared that a liberal, multicultural candidate who has made sure his relatives overseas are properly cared for would dare to touch the tax status of one the "the most powerful lobby groups" (as the antisemites keep reminding us all) and his liberal progressive party and fellow politicans would do the same?

Is he crazy?

Does he take us for idiots?

The tax-exempt status would be at risk - and Gutow wouldn't protest and wouldn't mobilize others to do the same? He isn't an activist?

Oh, he is.

Steve, it seems, is not only an "activist", (- a la Obama?) but way before being a Rabbi:

Steve Gutow, Executive Director of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, is an activist, organizer, attorney, rabbi, and advocate for social justice

But the funniest thing (okay, I'm being sarcastic) is that he was willing to go to jail two years ago for Darfur but today, he's scared so much that he would not protest the tax-exempt status of the Presidents' Conference.

I’m going to jail. Along with interfaith religious leaders, members of Congress, and others, I am going to be arrested in Washington, D.C., today outside the Embassy of Sudan in a public protest of the continuing genocide in Darfur.

Another member of The League of Trembling Israelites.

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