Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Irrationality of Lapid's Thinking

First, read this:

In the land of the settlers, disengagement is a bleeding wound. It changed not only their relationship with the State, but also the relationship amongst themselves. The central leadership has crumbled, and the settlement movement today is led by wild groups of young people who are openly fed up with Israel and its institutions...They are mad at the IDF, show contempt to the law, and refuse to accept the State’s authority. This is the case in the outpost of Migron, as well as the daily infiltrations to the evacuated settlement Homesh and to Joseph’s Tomb; this is the case in settlements such as Yitzhar and Tapuach...

This is a lawless land, lacking respect, where people who are different than us live and conduct themselves in line with codes we don’t understand. It is a land that has rejected all the basic values that hold us together: The respect to IDF soldiers, the sense of solidarity, the realization that the police do an exhausting job under impossible conditions.

These people create a situation whereby, when the day comes, and the agreements are signed on the lawn in Washington, it will be easier to give up this land, which isn’t really ours; this land where not only the laws and landscape are different, but also the people.

That was the opinion of media celebrity Yair Lapid,, on August 19, 2008.

A vilification of the Land of Israel beyond the Green Line, in the most Biblical of the areas of the Jewish homeland.

Since it is a "lawless" territory, it will be easier to be given up.

Now, consider these items:

Violent crime, whether perpetrated by assailants acting alone or by gang members, is on the rise in city streets, residential neighborhoods and recreation areas. Not only is an Israeli's home not his fortress because he is vulnerable to break-ins, public areas have become battlefields among rival underworld figures and between them and the police.

Court orders 8 members of crime syndicate to jail

A pipe bomb found outside a Netanya building on Friday may have been planted as a warning to Rami Amira, one of the alleged Abergil crime family associates targeted in the July 28 botched Bat Yam beach shooting in which innocent bystander Marguerita Lautin was killed in front of her husband and two children, police said.

Police arrested another member of the Abutbul crime family yesterday on suspicion of having been involved in stabbing the brother of a witness in the trial of Francois Abutbul. Police also discovered a cache of weapons near the Abutbul house in Netanya, and are investigating whether the weapons have any connection to the Abutbul organization.

An apparent assassination attempt Monday on the life of a reputed organized crime leader in Israel has left three people injured, police say.

Ron confessed to police that he killed his granddaughter accidentally by striking her because she was disturbing him while he was driving. He also confessed to having stuffed her body in the suitcase she was carrying with her and dumping it in the Yarkon River.

The above, by no means exhautsive, is from September. Only September.

Should one's conclusion be that all of pre-67 Israel be gotten rid of?

Yair Lapid is another illogical, irrational and stupid representative of liberal, left, progressive thinking.

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