Saturday, September 20, 2008

And How Will the UK Deal With This?

Great Britain, besides its historical role in whittling down the land mass of the Jewish historical homeland while it was a Mandatory power here between 1920-1948, has recently been in the forefront of trying to wrest portions of that homeland, gained in a defensive war, from Israel's control.

So, how will they deal with this?

Plaid call for Independent Wales

RURAL affairs minister Elin Jones rallied Plaid Cymru delegates with a commitment to strive for future independence for Wales...Plaid MP Adam Price is soon to launch a new initiative by the party on independence.

Ms Jones told delegates: “We want Wales to become a member state of the European Union and it’s part of our job as a political party to persuade the people of Wales to support greater political and fiscal autonomy.”

The minister said independence was a long-term aspiration for Plaid Cymru and she could not put a timescale on it.

“All I would say is that the people of Wales will decide whether Wales becomes a full member of the European Union.

“We have a job to do; part of our role for 78 years has been about persuading and raising the aspirations of the people of Wales.”

Little detail was given on the independence initiative.

Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, better watch your own backyard.

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