Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ms. Clean Livni Getting Dirtier

Update below


Despite getting the nod from Israel's President to form a government coalition to replace resigning Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni may be overtaken by legal steps.

Tomorrow, a three-pronged appeal against the results of last week's primaries in Kadima begins its legal road. Shaul Mofaz's own legal advisor is taking the case and claims that:

a) Mofaz's reps never attended nor agreed to that one half-hour extension. In fact, a signature of one of his reps was forged as she was in a car with MK Otniel Schneller on the way back from Haifa at the time she was supposed to be at the tribunal session that extended the ballot voting time.

b) Over 70 ballots have mathematical problems, shall we say (there were only 110 ballot boxes all together). Hundreds of votes are in the balance and Livni won by only 431, to remind you.

c) At one place, Barka El-Gharabiya, I think, they extended the time further on their own.

d) The publicizing of the exit polls before the closing of the elections was in direct violation of a previous election decision made by Supreme Court Judge Cheshin a few years ago regarding the Knesset elections.

I watched Channel One TV and now the Politka program and the news sounds quite damaging.

(In Hebrew, here's one report from yesterday. I can't at the moment locate a link, even in Hebrew to Channel One TV's "Mabat" program)


...Tzion Amir, petitioned an internal Kadima court on Sunday alleging illegalities in the voting in 80 out of the 114 polling stations in last Wednesday's party leadership race...The Ometz organization asked Attorney-general Menahem Mazuz to investigate the primary, citing the extension of the voting by half an hour, the early broadcast of exit polls while people were still voting and problems at polling stations in Beit Jann, Baka-Jatt and Rahat...Activists loyal to Mofaz found many examples of polling stations where more people voted than were permitted. They found at least 257 examples of votes that were cast but not counted.


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