Monday, September 22, 2008

Again, Rosner

Again, I am amazed at Shmuel Rosner.

He writes for Israel's most liberal-minded newspaper, Haaretz (but is no longer employed by them but is a free-lancer)..

That paper supports the partition of Jerusalem and the yielding of all of the territories gained in the Six-Days War. It is anti-religious establishment. It is the place where the most viscious anti-Yesha / pro-Pal. writers publish.

And yet, here's what Rosner has written recently regarding the anti-Iran rally:-

Thus, what I think now is that the organizers’ real mistake was not disinviting Palin but inviting Clinton. If they had decided early on that the rally would not host politicians this year, the whole embarrassing affair would have been avoided. Apparently, they were giving Clinton credit that she doesn’t deserve, believing that she would be able to ignore the political pressures of the season in order to send a clear message. In that, they forgot that she is after all a Clinton.


And the funny thing is that Israeli journalists on tour of the US usually end up melding into the average American Jewish liberal mold.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Medad,

Shmuel Rosner no longer works for Haaretz.

YMedad said...

Unless this Anon. is Shmuel, I'm mixed up. Haaretz claims that while he is not the Washington bureau chief, he does work for them. Whether they are referring only to the blog, I am trying to clear that up.

YMedad said...

Anon. is right. Shmuel is no longer employed by Haaretz but does write for them as a freelancer and is paid per story.