Friday, September 19, 2008

I've Warned You All

I have spelled out several times already (here's my latest post) that the US, as part of its attempt to dislodge Israel from regions of its historical national homeland and thereby, yield up its security as well, has been claiming it is "training" Pal. policemen.

Puff stories have appeared and here's the most recent.

One group has completed the course but failed and now the second is in.

But the program goes on.

500 Palestinian security force members head to Jordan for U.S.-funded training

About 500 members of a security force loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas crossed into Jordan on Thursday for U.S.-funded training, the second such battalion to do so. Washington wants to train the backbone of a Palestinian gendarmerie that would underpin any future state.

The battalion from Abbas's National Security Force will undergo training for four months in police tactics, riot control and human rights, officials said.

(here, too)

Let me be quite clear:

a. these "forces" are and will be undependable from a professional security aspect.

b. these "forces" will not withstand a Hamas onslaught.

c. in placing its trust in them to provide the anti-terror activity, and in the American ability to come through, Israel will be doing itself and the United States a great disservice. Israel's citizens will be the next target.

Hey, the US is having trouble depending on local forces to protect its own installations and personnel in the Middle East.

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Anonymous said...

Remember though, that ex-NATO commander James Jones is involved and no doubt has plans for bringing in foreign troops under pretext of stabilizing a situation where Hamas overtakes Fatah. Perhaps these types of assurances factor into Israel's going along w/this folly.

Also, as regards your posts about the "Jenin model", I read somewhere that Hebron is the next place to try that out.