Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Terror Atttempt Today Near Shiloh

As Haaretz reports:-

IDF soldiers foil attempted attack at West Bank roadblock

Israel Defense Forces troops foiled a terror attack on Wednesday, stopping a convoy of Palestinian vehicles as it attempted to run them over after having burst through a West Bank roadblock.

Soldiers positioned near the Palestinian village of Singil [or Sinjil*], north of Ramallah, fired warning shots into the air after noticing the three vehicles, including a tractor, speeding toward them.

The troops, who were IDF reservists, succeeded in detaining four Palestinians who have been handed over to police for interrogation. Troops also confiscated the tractor.

No IDF soldiers were wounded in the incident, nor was any property damage caused.

And the JPost adds:-

The IDF said that the Palestinians tried driving through an earth barrier near
the settlement in three vehicles - two cars and a bulldozer. While initial
reports claimed that it was a terror attack, defense officials said it was
possible that the incident was criminally-motivated.

The soldiers shot in the air and at the bulldozer and captured the assailants who were then transferred into police custody.

I understand that there was a long traffic jam but violence by Arabs was prevented.


The French Count Raymond de St. GillesVI of Toulouse built a castle in Sinjil to protect the passage of passing caravans.[2] The town's name derives not from an Arabic nomenclature but a corruption from the French. Another non-"Palestinian" phenomenom.

Satellite view and Shiloh is 2.5 km NE.

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