Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ms. Clean May Be Dirty

As Ehud Olmert says goodbye

his Kadima party begins to wallow in more muck:-

The Kadima Party primary elections in which Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni defeated Shaul Mofaz were riddled with irregular activities that bordered on crime, MK Ronit Tirosh, one of Mofaz's key supporters, alleged on Saturday morning...Tirosh challenged the legality of the results of the elections...she claimed that certain MKs were present during the vote counting process on Wednesday night. Tirosh also accused Election Committee Chairman Dan Arbel of refusing to acknowledge complaints that were filed with the committee.

Tirosh explained that no complaints were filed with police because Mofaz had announced his planned temporary departure from politics shortly after the results were published.

MK Yohanan Plesner, the head of Livni's campaign staff on Election Day, confirmed that he was in the room with Arbel at the time of the count, but added that this was entirely acceptable.

Tzipi has been touted as Ms. Clean (Time Magazine: "Israel's Mrs. Clean"; BBC: - "Tzipi Livni: Israel's 'Ms Clean'") but it would seem that it's just another politician's spin.

Best remark of the primaries night by former Labor MK Avrum Burg:

Kadima is the party of those who have no opinion.

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