Thursday, September 18, 2008

So, Female Players, Where Do They Wear Them?

In this story, "In Name of Fashion, Embracing a Trend", we are informed that:-

Giants linebacker Danny Clark wears wristbands, too. But he...wears his wristbands well above his elbows. “I’ve got all sorts of biceps and triceps busting out of there,” Clark said. “It’s a good look.”

Some football players, like Jets defensive end David Bowens, pull fat 2-inch wristbands up into the crook of the elbows. Some, like Giants defensive end Dave Tollefson, use scissors to cut a skinny edge from the elastic band for a thin strand...A few wear a band only on one arm, a look popular in the N.B.A. Fewer wear two on each arm.

Most do not wear the bands to practice, signaling the vanity of their use. All admit that they wear the bands only because they think it looks good, which would be the only plausible reason.

...Over at Giants Stadium, tight end Kevin Boss saves his bands for last when he puts on his Giants uniform. He wears his just above his elbows.

“I feel naked without them,” he said. He looked over at tight end Michael Matthews, who was wearing wristbands, too.

“I always make fun of Mike for wearing them on his wrist,” Boss said. “That’s old school.”

Okay, so where do female players wear them?

Around their ankles? Thighs? Fingers?

Other places?

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