Sunday, September 21, 2008

Looking for Rosh Hashana Food?

Meet Wagyu, the "new" kosher meat:

The news for all you cooks:-

Wagyu, the Japanese cattle breed that produces tender, abundantly marbled meat, is now available with kosher certification...Strube Ranch in Pittsburg, Tex., is raising the cattle, which are slaughtered and dressed under kosher supervision by Elkhorn Valley Packing in Harper, Kan. The beef is served and sold at Le Marais, the glatt kosher steakhouse and butcher at 150 West 46th Street. Retail prices range from $29 to $85 a pound. Delivery is available: (212) 869-0900.


Wagyu meat is striking because of its wonderful marbling which results in a never-before-experienced succulence that sends the taste buds reeling. The fat in the meat has more monounsaturated fats and melts at room temperature which makes Wagyu beef suitable as part of a lower-cholesterol diet.

The high degree of marbling adds an extraordinary depth of flavour which makes Wagyu beef a culinary delicacy. Wagyu meat is suitable as part of a low-cholesterol diet.

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