Monday, September 22, 2008

Shiloh (USA) in Rezoning Dispute

And here I thought that only those of us termed pejoratively "settlers" and live at locations, as I do, like Shiloh, are suffering from pressures not to zone, rezone or otherwise organically grow.

But, I caught this story:-

Tamarack Country Club's owners sue village of Shiloh

SHILOH --Tamarack Country Club's owners group, Community Sports Inc., has filed a lawsuit against the village of Shiloh for rejecting the rezoning of the golf course.

The lawsuit, filed recently in St. Clair County Circuit Court, contends the village denied the country club's rezoning request for no reason and the village purposefully ruined a business deal the club had secured allowing it to sell a golf course for $6.3 million.

The country club is seeking $15,000 in damages related to the severed sales contract and the right to rezone its land from nonurban to single and multifamily residential.

...At the time, Trustee John Vassen listed the following reasons for denial:

• The request was previously denied by the Shiloh Planning Commission.
• The Village Board thinks Shiloh has enough multifamily housing.
• The property is best suited for single family residence.
• The zoning request is not consistent with Shiloh's development plan or comprehensive plan.
• The rezoning would not benefit Shiloh residents...

Gee, people have to fight all over for their land.

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