Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Attacked

By Phillip Weiss.



Anonymous said...

I have learned one important thing from Phil Weiss's vile blog....that anti-Zionist Jews feel much more comfortable with antisemites than they do with the rest of the Jewish world. One intrepid fellow, Richard Witty, tries to get through to Weiss, but almost all the rest of the commentators at his site (there actually aren't very many) are raging Jew haters. Richard Silverstein and MJ Rosenberg (both of whom claim to be Zionists?) also have antisemitic groupies on their blogs as well.

Peter Drubetskoy said...

Y Ben-David,
You're smearing Weiss by association with people who comment on his site. He does not even have time to read most of the comments, as he himself acknowledged more than once. Regarding the antisemites on his blog (not all of the commenters, but definitely quite a few) check out this post. And if anti-Zionist Jews indeed felt "much more comfortable with antisemites" you'd see them commenting a lot there, wouldn't you? Kind of disproves your claim...
Richard Witty is a great guy; I just don't understand how he finds time not only to follow but also to participate in so many discussions.
Yisrael, I have an idea: invite Weiss to Shiloh etc. He's been to Hebron once and it affected him deeply. You want him to see your side better - contact him, who knows, he might jump on the occasion.

Anonymous said...

Peter-I hear what you are saying but it disburbs me that Rosenberg and Weiss don't denounce the antisemitism that is spewed out at their blogs (Silverstein actually has done that on occassion although I find his postings to be very extreme). There are other Leftists Jewish blogs that don't attract these antisemites. I believe they could do something about it if they wanted to.