Monday, January 06, 2014

Correcting an Ari Shavit Error

I leafed through Ari Shavit's new book, My Promised Land, and my eye caught something on page 398:

The red marks an assertion that there is a "high fence" at Shiloh.  Am I correct?

If so, know that there is no high fence at Shiloh.

In fact, except for the actual entrance gate, which looks like every other entrance to a kibbutz or moshav in Israel, there has never been a fence surrounding Shiloh for over the almost 33 years that I and my family have been lviing here.

There is no fence around Adei-Ad, or Ahiyah, or Esh Kodesh or Shvut Rachel or Keidah.

I am fairly sure there is none at Givat Harel and Givat HaRoeh.  Nor at Eli, at least for the most part that I have seen.

I think there is a fence at Maaleh Levona along the approach road.

So, don't trust all that Shavit writes as fact.

Oh, and as for that "sword living" bit.  Trust me, Ari, if Arabs weren't trying to kill us, maim us, injure us all by shooting at us, stabbing us, throwing firebombs or stones at us - just as they did when your great-grandfather first came, you know, before the 'occupation' and all the 'settlements', we wouldn't need a sword, or an Uzi or whatever.


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