Monday, January 13, 2014

"Arab Jerusalem", Circa 1988

If you go here, you can read that the Arabs-who-refer-to-themselves-as-Palestinians only in 1988 adopted these resolutions:

The National Council has issued during its 19th session in 1988 three important decisions which represent a new change in the Palestinian position namely:
  1. The Declaration of Independence: Which states:"Pursuant to the national and historic right of the Palestinian people to its homeland, by virtue of all international legitimacy resolutions embodied by all UN resolutions issued to this effect since 1947, and the course of our revolutionary struggle, the council declares in the name of God and the Palestinian people the establishment of the Palestinian state over its Palestinian land naming the Holy City of Jerusalem as the capital of this declared state."

Moreover, it was only then at the 19th PNC that these were adopted:
1.  The full Israeli withdrawal from all the land it occupied since 1967, and that includes the Arab Jerusalem....3.  Working for placing the occupied Palestinian land including the Arab Jerusalem under the UN supervision for a limited period, in order to protect our people and land, and to create a suitable atmosphere for the success of the international conference, and to reach a comprehensive political settlement.

The initial charters, eg 1964 and 1968, did not mention Jerusalem. 

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