Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And Iran?

I found this in an exchange over a book's review:

since Nazi war aims were without limit, involving perpetual warfare, first in Europe and then, in the event of success, against the US, defeat at some point was inevitable.

And what about Iran?

With its limitless aims, can it be defeated?  Or, do the Western democracies understand the coming challenge, even with this round of diplomatic go-nowhere?


NormanF said...

Nothing like quite compares to the sigt of NK anti-Zionist Jews being indignant of being falsely accused of being against Nazis!

There are some Jews you can scratch deep enough to watch their inner fascist emerge. The Ahmedinejad amen chorus has found its new fan club in the Hungarian fascist Jobbik Party.

Thor said...

As I understand it there are orthodox Jews livng in Israel who claim the state of Israel is ungodly because the Torah says it (Israel) should only be built after the second coming of the son of God. Any comments on that?

Thor said...

I try to be un-biased and -prejudiced. But there is no way around it, Jews get citizenship in Israel quickly, non-Jews never. Israel is a racist, apartheid state or how else would you explain it?