Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Jerusalem PushMi-Pullyu

The Pushmi-Pullyu is a Dr. Doolittle character (you knew that).

Riding on Jerusalem's Light Railway this morning, I discovered the Jewish version, sort of:

As I have indicated, in the Hebrew and in the top illustration, it is clear that the proper way to act in an emergency situation to get the door open is to pull the handle.

In English, though, the suggested action (arrow) is to push.

Good luck if you are in an emergency.

And yes, if you are really calm, you would realize that what the English is telling you is that after you have pulled you need to push the "leaf" (???).  But to get to that stage of the escape, you still have to start off by pulling.  And a "leaf"; is either something that grows on trees or fits into a table.  "Door" is so much more understandable.


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