Thursday, January 09, 2014

Beinart And Equal Opportunity Terror Justification

Who incites more Palestinian hatred: Abbas or Netanyahu? asks Peter Beinart who thinks that "Their textbooks may sometimes preach hatred, but it is the humiliation of occupation that creates the most Palestinian rage against Israel".

"Occupation" is any equal opportunity terror justification.

Sick progressive.

But, knowing that, he argues:

Let me be absolutely clear: I agree with Netanyahu that Palestinian textbooks and media too often justify hatred, and even violence, toward Jews. I too am appalled when Palestinians publicly glorify suicide bombers or traffic in anti-Semitic stereotypes...I don’t consider Israeli and Palestinian incitement equivalent. There’s good evidence, for instance, that Palestinian textbooks are more hostile to Israel than the other way around.

But despite that, he writes:

But despite all this...In my experience, at least, Palestinians explain their anger toward Israelis in roughly the same way my hawkish acquaintance explained Jewish anger toward Palestinians: as the product of bitter, personal experience.
Benjamin Netanyahu can do something about that. Channel 10 recently reported that over the second half of last year, Israel increased its budget for the settlements tenfold. That means countless, fresh Palestinian stories of suffering and fury. When it comes to combatting the incitement that leads Palestinians to hate, Netanyahu need not wait for Abbas. He can start with himself.

But what about the pre-1967 terror?

Was that due to "occupation"?

And the pre-1948 terror?

That was due to, what?

And the pre-1917 Arab violence?

That was because, what?

Despite Beinart's "despite", he justifies Arab terror.

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NormanF said...



I'm sure you'll recall Larry Derfner, was fired from the Jerusalem Post awhile back for trying to justify Arab terrorism.

Peter Beinart does him one better by trying to justify Arab anti-Semitism against Israel from what I can understand, that Israel made them do it!

You know why I felt sick? Every anti-Semite down through the ages has blamed his hate on the Jews. Whatta a guy Beinart is here in his new gig for Haaretz in whitewashing Palestinian Arab bigotry towards the Jews!

Then again, its just as well the newspaper he's now writing for has long been known in Israel as the Palestinian Arab daily in Hebrew.