Friday, January 31, 2014

Jews Waving Banners on Temple Mount?



Love that black.  So ... piratical.



Thor said...

Yes it is weird thinking upon ramblings, I've sometimes thought about Christian support to Israel, in one televised version I saw it was blatantly state it was to hurry the end of the world, the book prophecised that as soon as blah bla h messiah blah bla was returned to the throne the day of Judgement would come, when all those faithful would be let into heaven where there are fried turkeys on conveyer belt.

Thor Fjalar Hallgrimsson said...

Regarding me insulting you:

because it is an insult (that are sometimes friendly) towards an individual but not a thought system

and as previously instructed, those sectors of the us (but really global) industry should head to the space outside of earths athmosphere and let earth be the anarchic lovable magical world that it would like it self to maybe evolve into