Thursday, January 23, 2014

The NYTimes Is Just Impossible


Ignoring the many misrepresentations and worse contained in Ali Jarbawi's op-ed ("The Man Who Made Peace Impossible", January 21), among them the pure fiction that Ariel Sharon "wanted an ethnically pure Jewish state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea" or that in 2000, he "entered the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem" - he did not enter any building but toured the open-aired Temple Mount compound -, a question needs be asked: why should Sharon's presence at the Temple Mount have "triggered the second intifada"?
In addition to the site being a Jewish holy site, every day, non-Muslim tourists in their hundreds, and at times more, visit the site.  Why would Muslims respond in such a violent fashion to that 2000 tour? Could it be that it is the Muslims who are interested in an ethnically pure state west of the Jordan River, one free of Jews?


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