Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Lies The ASAJews Tell

Here is a letter, published in The Tablet, the UK Church of England bulletin, by one "Beryl Maizels, Wembley, Middlesex", an ASAJew*:

As a member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, I recognise Frank Baigel's 4 January letter, "Israel's record in the West Bank", as pure Israeli mythology.
It is totally untrue that Palestinian cars can be seen on roads in Israel and the West Bank.
In 2009, the Israeli human rights organisation B'Tselem issued a report entitled "The Forbidden Roads: The Discriminatory West Bank Roads Regime", which states that Palestinians are completely banned on many roads, and for others special permits must be obtained.  It comments "The Forbidden Roads Regime is reminiscent of the apartheid system which existed in South Africa."
There is no part of the West Bank where no Israelis can go, as stated by Mr Baigel.
Illegal settlers often attack the indigenous population and uproot olive trees, while the police and army look on.
The illegal settlers are under Israeli law, the Palestinians under harshmilitary law, and Jewish Israelis can attack Palestinians with impunity.
Contrary to Mr Baigel's calculations, B'Tselem estimates that 180,000 Palestinians live in Area C, under full Israeli control.
...There is also large-scale demolition of Palestinian homes as described by Elena Curti (The Tablet, 14 and 21 December).
...the Israeli army deliberately destroys many Palestinian rainwater cisterns, on various pretexts.

I sent this to them for publication:

Even if Beryl Maizels is Jewish as well as a member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, his January 17 letter is factually false, misleading and otherwise a sorry reflection on pro-Palestinian activists.

He asserts "It is totally untrue that Palestinian cars can be seen on roads in Israel and the West Bank".  I live there since 1981 and travel the roads almost daily. Maizels is fabricating.  At least 50% and probably more of the vehicular traffic on Highway 60, the main road from Jerusalem's municipal boundary all the way up north to Nablus, consists of cars, taxis and trucks bearing Palestinian Authority (PA) license plates.  At the Jewish shopping centres at Shaar Binyamin, near Ramallah and Gush Etzion, just south of Bethlehem, Israeli and PA cars are parked side-by-side as inside their owners buy the goods they need.

A second claim, that "There is no part of the West Bank where no Israelis can go", is also false.  Due to the propensity of Arabs to throw rocks, firebombs and shoot Jews, Israelis cannot enter Area A roads for fear of danger to life and limb.  Signs to that effect are prominently displaed at entrance crossroads.

On September 23, 2011, Asher Palmer and his infant son were killed when a rock thrown from a bypassing Arab vehicle on the same road just north of Hebron smashed into the from pane, severely injuring Mr Palmer and causing the car to crash and the deaths of the occupants.  Incidents like these prove the two points I made above: indeed, Arabs can be murderously dangerous and they do travel the same roads Israelis do.

One more point: in claiming that the Israel Army destroys water cisterns, besides his use of "many" being wrong, his throwaway of "various pretexts" is hiding the fact that those cisterns were illegal according to the agreements the PA signed with Israel.  Other illegal water-involved acts include siphoning off water from both Israeli and Arab pipes and digging unauthorized wells and then selling the water to Arabs for higher rates to make a profit in addition to a general lack of water infrastructure upkeep.


You know who I mean. “As a Jew, I am disgusted by…” or “as a Jew, let me say how much I disagree with…”.  The AsAJews only ever come from one side of the fence: anti-Zionist, pro-boycott and anti-anti-antisemitism. Have you ever heard anyone say: “As a Jew, I must say how much I support Israel’s right to exist”, or “As a Jew, let me state how much I disagree with the idea of a boycott”?


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NormanF said...

I can support Israel because I don't suffer from a "Jewish guilt" complex.

Jews are far more dangerous to themselves than the Arabs will ever be.

Jews who identify with the Arab side.