Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Holliswood - 1943

From 1954 until my marriage in 1970, I lived in Holliswood, Queens, at 204th Street and Francis Lewis Boulevard, just up from Hillside Avenue, my family having moved from Faile Street in the South Bronx.  The nine apartment buildings were called Hilltop Village.  Once, on a visit to Manhattan, I picked up a nieghborhoods of New York series to leaf through and found out that from the top of my hill, a bit back from where I lived, you could see the water of the bay - in the 1890s.

Now, thanks to this map, I can see the area as it was in 1943, a decade before being built in the great post-war construction boom in Queens

And today?



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Anonymous said...

We had very good times there, warm memories to last a lifetime