Thursday, January 30, 2014

New At The Temple Mount

Spotted on the Temple Mount:

Reminds me of the Cheil. 

Would the Muslims be assisting a Temple reconstruction?

The Cheil and the Soreg that was outside of the Women's Courtyard:-

Standing at a distance of 10 cubits (15 feet) from the outside of the Courtyard walls on all four sides was a low wall, half a cubit (9 inches) high. This wall, as well as the area between it and the Courtyard walls, was referred to as the Cheil. A wooden latticework fence, 10 handbreadths (30 inches) high, was built atop this wall and was called the Soreg.
The Temple was comprised of different areas of increasing sanctity...entry beyond the Cheil and Soreg was only allowed to members of the Jewish faith who were free of corpse-tumah [ritual contamination contracted from touching, or being under the same roof as, a corpse]...


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