Tuesday, January 14, 2014

'Explosive' Temple Story (No, Not Sharon)

Being reported

LONDON — Britain's government has ordered an urgent investigation into possible U.K. involvement in the deadly 1984 raid on India's Golden Temple after recently declassified documents suggested a special forces officer advised the Indians on how to proceed.

...It's not clear whether the Indians followed the officer's plan, but the allegation that Britain played a role in the raid is explosive.

How does it compare to Ariel Sharon's Temple Mount visit?

...The storming of the Golden Temple was aimed at flushing out Sikh separatists. The controversial raid outraged Sikhs around the world, who accused troops of desecrating the faith's holiest shrine.The Indian government said about 400 people were killed in the raid - codenamed Operation Blue Star - including 87 soldiers. 


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