Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Burston Bombs Blumenthal


Writing in The Nation, author and journalist Max Blumenthal paints a Sharon - and an Israel – which face no apparent threats by Arab armies or terrorists (the only terrorist which threatens Israelis, is himself an Israeli Jew). The only motivation for Sharon's actions, and Israel's, is a bloodthirst for empire. Of a controversial Sharon-led anti-terrorism campaign in occupied Gaza in the early 1970s, Blumenthal writes "With the Gaza Strip now under Israeli control, Sharon orchestrated the razing of Palestinian citrus orchards to make way for Jewish colonization."
With a slap broad enough to whack leftist – but not leftist enough – Israelis, Blumenthal makes horrific Palestinian attacks on rush hour buses and Holocaust survivors at a Passover Seder, seem like symbolic anarchist graffiti, just desserts for a fat cat bourgeoisie. Blumenthal neatly mops up the blood running in Israeli downtowns in the first years of the last decade:
"…Palestinian suicide bombings were battering the cafes and nightclubs of Tel Aviv and West Jerusalem. Channeling the mood of Israel’s “peace camp,” which had called for Sharon’s ouster during the invasion of Lebanon, the liberal newspaper Haaretz demanded “a war about the morning’s coffee and croissant.”
The assumption here is that there are only three kinds of Israeli Jews: murderers, accomplices to murder, and dilettantes.

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NormanF said...


Bradley Burston considers you and David Wilder to be living abroad.

In the West Bank.

The Israeli Left's idea of who isn't an Israeli Jew.