Sunday, January 26, 2014

On the Leaving Out of History

I caught this snippet in this article*: the essay on the booklet The Year of Genocide (December 1943) written by Melech Neustadt, at the time political secretary of the World Union of Mapai, Dina [Porat] praises Neustadt for writing about those in the Warsaw Ghetto who “...chose to give themselves over to action as part of their community, of our brethren and our movement…we did not value it properly,” but she does not hesitate to ask difficult questions about him, such as whether “he did enough to provide the public in Eretz Israel with enough information about that quiet heroism.” Later in the essay, Porat writes appreciatively of Neustadt’s description of the preparations for the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, but criticizes him for not mentioning all of the pioneering youth movements instead of focusing only on Dror-Hehalutz, let alone leaving out the part played by the Revisionists, whom he did not mention at all (219-221).


MORESHET • VOL. 10 • 2013
Chaim Shalem
The Smoke-Scented Morning Coffee: Essays on Encounters
of the Yishuv and Israeli Society with the
Holocaust and Its Survivors, by Dina Porat
(Yad Vashem and Am Oved: Jerusalem, 2011). (In Hebrew)


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