Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The "Palestinian Revolution" Began In 1965

In 1965 - before the 1967 conflict which resulted in the "occupation" and before "settlements" were constructed.

So says Abbas (thanks IMRA):-

Final Status Agreement Guarantees Our Rights

...Marking the 49th anniversary of the Palestinian Revolution, President Mahmoud Abbas stressed his commitment towards restoring the Palestinian rights and the termination of settlement building by diplomatic means.

...Abbas asserted that the negotiations with Israel are part of our people’s struggle aimed at reaching a final peace agreement. He also confirmed his objection to an interim or transitional state solution that could prolong the Israeli occupation.

“We negotiate with Israel to reach a solution that leads to a Palestinian state within the 1967 occupied territory, with Jerusalem as a capital. We negotiate to reach a fair solution to the refugees’ issue based on the UN Resolution 194 as stated in the Arab Peace Initiative”, said Abbas.

...Abbas made reference to the 1965 Revolution by saying it was a success; its ideas of adhering to the national rights and aspirations have been successful from one generation to another.

By the way, that reference to the refugees and the Peace Initiative?

As even moderate Itamar Rabinovitch has noted:

Arab Peace Initiative – clarifications needed

The main problem raised by the text is its open-ended approach to the refugee issue.


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NormanF said...

What Abu Bluff said in effect was:

"I'll agree to a peace deal as long as Israel in the end agrees to cut its own throat."

The Palestinian Arab position has not changed in any fundamental respect since 1965. Of course the PLO did not seek to liberate back then the so-called West Bank and Gaza, administered respectively by Jordan and Egypt at the time. It sought to destroy Israel!

This is still the Arab goal and they're not even hiding it! Israel has to decide if it wants to be the future victim of Abu Bluff's "Palestinian Revolution." It would be well advised to take a pass on it.