Thursday, January 02, 2014

Police Handcuff & Shackle Detainees in A Cell

This is a human rights story but did you here a left-wing NGOomplain? The detainee was Jewish.

The director of the State Comptroller’s Ombudsman’s office, Hillel Shamgar, as harshly criticized the behavior of the Ma’aleh Adumim police and determined that “they regularly keep detainees cuffed even when the detainees are in a closed prison cell.”Shamgar added that Superintendent Yaron Sheetrit, who heads the ombudsman’s office in the Judea and Samaria District of the Israel Police, has tried to cover up complaints about the Ma’aleh Adumim police’s behavior.A year and a half ago, Nati Rom was arrested near his home in the illegal outpost of Havat Yishuv Hadaat by Ma’aleh Adumim police officers on suspicion of having set fire to a vehicle belonging to a police officer; however, he was released from police custody before being brought before a court. After his release, he filed a complaint regarding the police officers’ treatment; the crux of the complaint was his claim that his hands and feet remained cuffed even after he had been put in a detention cell. According to the regulations governing police behavior, detainees are not to be cuffed if they are in a detention cell unless there is reason to suspect that they might do harm to themselves.A letter concerning Rom’s complaint was sent by Habayit Hayehudi MK Orit Strock, the founding chairwoman of the Human Rights Organization of Judea and Samaria, to Supt. Sheetrit. After not receiving a satisfactory explanation from Sheetrit, Strock and Rom turned to Shamgar, who wrote the police superintendent that the hand- and foot-cuffing of a detainee in a closed prison cell is a disproportionate measure.Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino has also been sent the ombudsman’s conclusions regarding the incident.


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