Sunday, February 14, 2010

Now, This Is Segregation

RA sent me these photos.

They concern the new innovation of the hareidi sector - "segregated" sidewalks.

So now, due to too many females on the sidewalks, especially on Friday night, the "saintly women" are asked to walk only on the permitted marked section of Amos-Tzfania-Malchei Yisrael-Eli HaCohen streets, the right side.

The request poster:

The women's side:

The men's side:

A heads-up was already here; news report here; a violent attack here.


The persons responsible are also probably the readers of this Hebrew book.


yoni said...

we love our adorable haredim, of course, but this is just outrageous. we haven't even finished working out the bus thing and now this? don't these people have anything better to do with their time? like, posting comments on blogs where they are completely ignored? :)

Religion and State in Israel said...

Did RA tell you when the photos were taken? (is this preparation for Purim? were they taken during Sukkot?)

Religion and State in Israel