Monday, February 15, 2010

Looney Left Logic

Gush-Shalom has a new ad out and it deals with the government's proposal to pass legislation to enable Israelis living abroad to vote.

America permits that and other countries, too. The EU permits it. The Phillipines allows it (and think: all the Filinpinos who labor here in Israel are rewarded).

It's not undemocratic but Avnery's weirdos, Ha-Ha-Haaretz and various academic intellectuals are up-in-arms.

Here's the ad as it appears in Haaretz February 12, 2010:


In the Biberman state,
Voters abroad
Who will not spill
Their own blood
Nor sacrifice
Their own sons
Will vote on war.

In the Biberman state,
Voters abroad
Who do not pay
Taxes in Israel
Will vote on occupation
And settlements.

Now, I am sure that it is obvious to you as it is to me that Arabs don't exactly measure up to the requirements that Avnery & Gang have set for enfranchisement. They, and many Hareidim, do not serve in Israel's armed forces. As for taxes, I am not sure. There may be many Jewish Israelis that maintain property, etc. that does force them to pay some taxes. But, in any case, the level of tax collection of Arabs in Israel is abismally low.
So, this is logical? This approach is supposed to convince people that granting the right to vote to Israelis abroad is wrong?
I do think there need to be restrictions and limits and it should be a blanket freedom. Time lement, reserve duty, maintenance of residential address, etc.
But it is doable.
But Uri Avnery, why then do Arabs get the right to vote - and in a Zionist state?

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