Friday, February 26, 2010

What Sullivan Doesn't Grasp

Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic has been quite ferocious recently on the Israel front.

His latest rant is here where is generously includes a critique of his postion and responds.

I decided to concentrate on this part of his reasoning:-

...I can understand if some draw the line at anything that might risk the actual security of Israel. But freezing construction of settlements on the West Bank? How could that affect Israeli security? Many Israelis believe it is essential to Israel's future security. It is the least Israel could do to help its largest ally and supporter. But even this ... is out of the question and followed up by provocation after provocation.

I'm not a fool. Netanyahu is out to destroy Obama's outreach to the Muslim world. In that battle, I stand with Obama and have every reason to be frustrated with the direction Israel is taking. No more excuses. It's getting pathetic.

Okay, A. = Many Israelis believe

Many pundits like Sullivan believe the polls, usually published in Ha-Ha-Haaretz and other outlets of a very certain political/ideological character, that tend to provide a soft, minimalistic outlook by a supposed majority of Israelis assuming the "peace now" line (that's with a lower 'p' and 'n'). And due to the questions, that usually is the case. But real polls as elections and over the past 43 years almost, the parties that promise security, continued Jewish residency in Judea and Samaria, firm commitment to Jewish history and heritage usually form the governments and those who don't and still form a coalition usually find their coalition collapsing when they assume another policy posture, even those of the Right, i.e., Netanyahu after Wye and Hebron.

And B. = Netanyahu is out to destroy Obama's outreach to the Muslim world

This is stupid and probably a result of judaeophobia. Netanyahu doesn't need to do that. The Muslims are doing that very well and in fact, either Obama and his advisors, or whoever pointed him in that direction (Rashid Khalidi? Edward Said?), seem to have erred in that approach from its very foundation. The Muslim world doesn;t need Netanyahu's assistance. Unfortunately, ever since FDR's boat ride with Ibn Saud, the American Presidency had been both enamored and screwed over repeatedly by the Muslim world (with exceptions, of course) and led by the nose to blame the Jews, or Zionism.

Sullivan has no good answer for why the Pals. haven't come to the negotiating table following the construction moratorium. So, blame the Jews for statements, for provocations, for lack of sensitive timing (see his piece).

Sullivan doesn't grasp this and is sullying himself.

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