Friday, February 26, 2010

A Bronner Botch - It's All in a Name

Ethan Bronner displays the subtle bias that permeates our media reality - even if unintended - when on the issue of eastern Jerusalem he writes:-

no utterance escapes politics. All labels and names here are contested. The mayor calls the neighborhood not by its Arabic name of Al Bustan but by a Hebrew one — Gan Hamelech, or the King’s Garden, a reference to the spot some believe King David wrote psalms

Ethan, Bustan in Arabic means Garden or Orchard. The Arabs are foreigners, and have been since 638, and are occupiers, turning Jewish land into what they wish you and other to supposedly consider as Arab land since time immemorial". Hebrew came first.

You see, the Arabs "borrowed" not only the name but the history of the Jews there. It's not even a contest.

That name, Gan HaMelech, the King's Garden, is found in Second Kings 25:4 and in Jeremiah 39:4, for example.

The Arabs came to Jerusalem, calling it Beyt El-Makdas, the Beit HaMikdash, the Temple. Almost all iof the names of existing Arab locations in the Land of Israel are either translations of or adaptations to the original Hebrew placename. is they who are contesting and attempting to illegally rewrite reality.

Don't let them steal our nomenclature, our history, our identity, our land.

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