Monday, February 22, 2010

BBC Propaganda Unit in Action

The BBC has up eight or so photographs taken by the International Red Cross.

The series is entitled:

Life in the shadow of Israeli settlements

It purports to "highlight the difficulties of many Arabs [they actually wrote "Palestinians"] who live near Jewish communities [they actually wrote "settlements"] in the Judea and Samaria [they actually wrote "West Bank"]".

But it's all worthless propaganda, well, not worthless. Thanks to Jean Chung and Laurent Meirehans who seem to have snapped the wonderfully angled pictures.

No real presentation of true reality, what's going on, counter-claims, balance, etc. Mainly close snaps so maybe just outside the frame is something interesting

I don't think there's a similar series but just the reverse - Jews living in close proximity to Arabs who suffer rock-throwing, firebomb-tossing, shooting, travel difficulties, closed roads , etc.

Yes, BBC, Jews suffer harassment. You don't think so?

And they suffer injury.

And death.

By Arabs.

In close proximity.

Will complaints be submitted to the BBC?

Go on, go here and submit one.

The story's URL page is

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I left this copmplaint:

The series of photographs present an incomplete reality with no context. Is the story solely that of Arabs close to Jews or is it Jews to Arabs? Is that a Beduin tent or an Arab settlement? Permanent or temporary? Do not Jews suffer harassment, being shot at and targets of firebombs?

And why use an outside agency? Is there proper professional and ethical BBC supervision of the photographs?

What is harassment? Is it defined? Is it compared?

This was a propaganda effort not a news story.