Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yesterday's Events

First, I attended a talk by the eminent Professor Bernard Lewis at the Hebrew University where he said things like:

a. Sadat decided to make peace with Israel to avoid Egypt becoming a Russian colony;
b. Europe always acts, as J Kelley said: "to avoid the preemptive cringe";
c. the Turkey situation is disturbing and alraming as it threatens the Kemalist regime concept;
d. the Arabs must be considered through two elemtns - their sense of history awareness and their sense of community;
e. the Arabs' problem with modernity, success, freedoms, etc. are deep; look at Aden vs. Singapore, both British-ruled and where is one and where is the other? same for India and Pakistan. why the Arabs in the situation they are?

Here are some pics:

And then I went over the the Jerusalem Conference. Attended several good panels. This year I encountered the need to choose between sessions at times. Or jump from one to the other.
Here's Amb. Dore Gold speaking at his session which included Congressman Elliot Engel, Amos Gilead, Yoram Ettinger, Harold Rhode and chaired by Efraim Inbar:

That's Jerusalem Post editor David Horowitz with Aryeh Green, Phillip Karsenty, Chairman Danny Seaman, Judy Lash Balint and Yishai Fleischer:

And in Hebrew I listened to (i-r) Erel Segal, MK Daniel Ben-Simon, Haggai Segal and Shalom Yerushalmi (later to be joined by Emmanuel Shiloh) discuss whether Israel gets a fair coverage from the Israeli media?

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