Friday, February 26, 2010

Purim in Dubai

I can't travel this year so I'm giving my passport to the Mossad is now at Facebook.

Ten reasons to give your passport to the Mossad

1. "You" get to travel to exotic locations even when you don't leave the country
2. People will think that you are like James Bond
3. Your friends will be nice to you just in case you really are Mossad
4. It’s cheaper than traveling yourself
5. The Mossad are nice people really, just misunderstood
6. The Mossad are the defenders of the only real democracy in the Middle East
7. The Mossad were killing terrorists before it even became fashionable
8. Having the Mossad use your passport to kill a terrorist is probably the only interesting thing that will ever happen to you
9. So much of the world hates Israel that no one will hold it against you if your passport is used in a killing
10. Better a Mossad hit than an Israeli missile which tends to kill everyone in proximity to the victim

My 11th:

The shopping is really great.

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