Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Help for Agriculture at Shiloh

The men of HaYovel overlooking Tel Shiloh:-

HaYovel -

Vision and Mission Statement

Mission Statement
To strengthen and undergird the often overlooked small independent farmer in Israel through creative networking, education, tourism, and activism.

Vision Statement

Connecting individuals, institutions, and agricultural operations abroad together with small independent farmers in Israel in order to collectively increase production efficiency and profitability.

Educating those in Israel and abroad to the critical needs of the small independent farmer in Israel through public forums such as, but not limited to, Jewish and Christian places of worship and media.

Bringing those individuals and groups to Israel who share a passion for Israel religiously and/or economically as it relates specifically to agriculture and the land of Israel.

Equipping and enabling those who share a passion for Israel’s complete agricultural restoration to work within their congregations, organizations, and/or communities to promote the work of HaYovel.

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